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Benefits of beetroot for health

Beetroot is very healthy vegetable and mostly used as salad. It is full of nutrients and rich source of antioxidants like vitamin C, it also contain foliate, B complex vitamins, minerals, and fiber. One special characteristic is that they also contain moderate amount of nitrates which are natural substances effective in lowering blood pressure by dilating blood vessels and also they dilate the skin vessels so skin release more heat and secrete toxic substances from body.

This is the reason why this vegetable has cooling effect on body. Beetroot is also very effective for liver disorders. Beetroot juice is very useful for healthy and shiny hairs also. Beetroot contains many minerals like zinc, copper, phosphorous, Calcium, potassium, sodium and iron that maintain good brain and body health. Beetroots are very fibrous and lower cholesterol levels and prevent from stomach and colon cancer.

Beetroot juice is full of energy due to presence of carbohydrates which breakup into simple sugars and provides energy. Especially after heavy exercise, a glass of beetroot juice relieves the muscle cramps and prevents dehydration. Beetroot is rich in iron and foliate, two blood-forming elements people suffering from anemia also benefit from this gift of nature.

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