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Natural home remedies| Calluses and corns

Natural home remedies for calluses and corn
When you try to defend themselves from physical injury creates a sometimes strange armor. The outermost layer whenever the value thick fortress of dead cells of the skin rubbed it too much or too often. Such as rubbing the toe shoes tight on the bottle and insert the friction on the inside of the door , or when processing metal rake thumb to continue . Table blooming gradually build calluses . That, in turn, is simply calluses and hard core can be developed into corn . Calluses on the hands and feet can be painful protection . However, the callus or corn pressing on nerves below the 3 layers of the skin or bone , it can be painful to the gravel between the toes.
You can Calluses that cause pain or worse , have to scrape off the calluses do not put too much pressure on your nerves , so some of those dead cells. After a warm shower or bath immediately when wet skin, gently rub a pumice stone to remove calluses and dead cells on . Pumice stone is merely a rough piece of volcanic minerals. Do not try to buy the entire firm as far as you sit ‘ll rub your skin raw . Instead, be patient and sand it down a little bit every day . If calluses is very thick or hard , sanding projects can take several weeks.
“Soft corn” is used in what is called an emery board. Corn tender occurs between the toes. They occur when the skin and rub until it went for the bone adjacent to the toe. Pumice stones between the toes that do not fit in tight spaces. Instead, all the bath after buying the same kind of emery board to file the nails and designed to be slightly down stops away.

Report a corn and calluses can be minutes, until they absorb and smooth growth instead. Castor as a protector for your toes corn in corn oil is used as a pad and softener. To protect the corn nonmedicated, donut-shaped pad, it is recommended that sold in pharmacies. Corn juwiyi one of the pads, a few drops of castor oil on the swab a small amount of corn and then put adhesive tape on the pad in place. Small padded donut encircles corn, and also protected from the pressure holding moisturizing castor oil. (Castor oil may leak out through the bandage, then wear some old socks that cause stains when using this treatment.)
Pressure , user-defined in order to protect the corn or callus to – design protection ” donut ” using a piece of leather adhesives mole . Cut a circle larger than the callus or corn , fold in half , and the center in a semicircle. When you need to heat the padded ring . Apply it corn or callus .
Very thick , cushioned soles socks look . They can keep calluses from getting worse.
Choose shoes that fit well . Between the longest toe and the end of the shoe must be the width of the thumb of the street. Shoes should be not sufficiently narrow, wide toes and feet either side so the ball . If the shoe is too wide , to slide around and fingerprint Get it against the side . Natural enhancement
Another good way to soften the calluses and corn to soak in Epsom salts contain water . Follow the directions on the package.
San corn stalks. Plain old aspirin a source of salicylic acid . 5- year compound aspirin his corn , to create a good impression until they turn into a fine powder . Mix thoroughly flour half a teaspoon of water and half a teaspoon of lemon juice . A small amount of paste on the skin thickens , it with a piece of plastic wrap with plastic circle and then hot towel cover. After 10 minutes, remove everything and gently rub away skin called a pumice stone .

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